Prop posing Script

I'm a 3D artist with a strong foundation in programming languages. My scripting skills empower me to automate tasks, minimizing manual effort and streamlining the production pipeline. 

In the following example I utilized Max script to streamline the process of 3D object posing in 3D Studio Max.  

The object is automatically posed in a procedural created photo studio environment. The camera's are added and the lens FOV is calibrated using the object frustum. Batch render nodes are automatically created with the correct name and output path. To minimize for human error and keep the output consistent! 

The data can be converted to a Corona Proxy with one button click and loaded in another scene using linked materials if desired. In order to control the model and material from one source file!

Infinite render size 3D scene script

For this project I developed a MaxScript application that made it possible to create infinite sized renders from a 3D scene in 3D studio Max. I used it to create the volcano graphic for the Bobbejaanland attraction ride Terra Magma. The script partitioned the 3D scene view into smaller segments manageable for the render computer and batches out each segment into a batch render node for the render farm. This innovative approach resulted in a high-resolution facade print that was very difficult to achieve with traditional methods. Below some work in progress images for the Bobbejaanland Terra Magma ride. Each numbered rectangle in the view represents a width of 5 meter and has a 300 DPI resolution.

3D online configuration tools

I am currently working on building a web-based configuration tool allowing users to preview/built 3D models in the browser without the need to install any software. I am using three.js to handle the rendering and interaction with the 3D models.

To be continued...

Game Programming / Interactive Experiences

With a deep understanding of the Unity game engine and the C# programming language, I am proficient in creating engaging and interactive game experiences. I made several casual games in my spare time. Both for fun and self-study.

My portfolio showcases a diverse range of game projects at the following page